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The reasons for using power conditioning and uninterruptible power solutions are as varied as the applications in which computer technology is used, and the applications in which computers are used are as diverse as power problems themselves. A retail business may wish to protect its customers from the inconvenience of downtime. A manufacturer may wish to protect itself from the high cost of wasted raw materials, ruined work-in-progress, or the penalties associated with missed schedules or delivery delays. There are applications where a power conditioner or UPS can ensure the speed or accuracy of test results or improve the delivery of patient care. There may even be instances where safety is a primary concern. No rationale is foreign to us, and no application is too big or too small. Whatever your business may be, Spectrum Power Solutions has the expertise and experience to help you select the correct power quality solution to maintain your company’s leadership position in the following markets and applications.


Retail Point of Sale (POS)

Statistics show that a single hour of downtime can cost a restaurant nearly $40 for each employee. That’s nearly $600 an hour for a restaurant with 15 employees at work at the bar, in the kitchen, or waiting tables. For a retail store, the cost can be as high as $250 per employee hour. Not only is downtime costly for the restaurant or retail merchant, it also inconveniences customers and damages the “perfect customer experience” for which so many businesses strive.

Spectrum Power Solutions has a perfect selection of power quality solutions for POS applications. From power conditioners that protect wait stations and receipt printers to power conditioned uninterruptible power solutions that protect critical servers and communications equipment, Spectrum Power Solutions can ensure that POS systems operate at peak reliability. Be sure to ask us about POWERVAR Ground Guard® products, which can save your business even more money be eliminating the need for dedicated/isolated electrical circuits and the expense and delays that accompany them.


Clinical and Analytical Instrumentation

Nowhere are the speed and accuracy promised by modern technology more important than laboratory instrumentation. In the clinical laboratory, sophisticated analyzers provide the rapid and highly accurate analysis of patient specimens required to ensure quick, responsive patient diagnosis and treatment. High reliability and uptime of clinical laboratory instrumentation contributes to longer instrument life, which in turn reduces cost per patient procedure by spreading the capital cost of the instrumentation over a larger number of patient tests. Analytical instrumentation such as gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers are critical in the analysis of materials used in the petrochemical and automotive industries as well as for environmental monitoring, forensics, food and beverage, security, and materials testing. Analytical instrumentation promises greater accuracy, faster results, lower cost and improved quality control.

All the benefits offered by clinical and analytical instrumentation may be compromised in an instant when a power quality problem interferes with the reliable operation of these complex systems. Once again, Spectrum Power Solutions has the experience and the product answers to ensure that businesses benefit from the tremendous promise and power of these sophisticated tools.



Patient Care

When it comes to patient care, there is no application where power quality problems have a greater likelihood of directly affecting the safety and well-being of an individual. Power quality problems can interfere with speed, responsiveness, safety, and quality of treatment. Patient care applications such as bedside monitoring, nurse’s station, patient imaging modalities, pharmaceutical dispensing, and mobile patient information systems all have unique power quality and reliability requirements. Some applications even have special patient safety requirements defined by safety regulations UL60601 and IEC60601. Whatever the patient care application, Spectrum Power Solutions can assist you in selecting the appropriate power conditioner or uninterruptible power supply to accomplish your reliability and safety objectives.




Computer processing is deeply embedded in the industrial production facility. Process applications as diverse as semiconductor fabrication, robotics, manufacturing process control, and even high speed digital printing all require clean, high quality electrical power. Without it, large amounts of money can be lost in idled labor, missed-deadline penalties, wasted materials and work-in-progress. Many industrial applications also require high quality electrical power in very large amounts. Spectrum Power Solutions provides a comprehensive family of three-phase power conditioning products designed to ensure high quality electrical power in amounts up to 300 kVA. For semiconductor fabrication applications, models are available to meet special SEMI S2-0200 safety requirements.



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