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Off-the-shelf power protection solutions are not always the right answer for some specialized applications. What if your technology application demands a power conditioner or UPS with special capabilities or performance specifications? What if you need to build the power protection solution into an existing space inside your system? What if it needs to have special features of some sort that you just can’t find anywhere? What do you do then?

That’s when you turn to POWERVAR’s Custom Engineering services. Innovative thinking by POWERVAR Custom Engineering Specialists will work with you to develop custom, integrated power conditioning, distribution and UPS solutions that meet your unique combination of high performance, demanding tolerance, and physical requirements.

POWERVAR’s Custom Engineering team can help you maintain your company’s leadership position in:

Semiconductor Manufacturing and Testing.
Medical imaging.
Clinical and Analytical Diagnostics.
Information Technology/Telecommunications.
Industrial Automation and Robotics.
Digital Printing and Graphics.

POWERVAR’s Custom Engineered Product capability is the answer if your power conditioning, distribution and UPS capabilities are beyond the ordinary. POWERVAR can design and manufacture a “perfect fit” solution in sizes from 100 VA to 500 kVA.



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