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When using Ground Guard® power conditioners or UPMs, it’s necessary to protect ever server, terminal and system peripheral. Sometimes, though, it’s not possible (or practical) to install a conditioner or UPM on a network system component. For example, it may not be practical from an expense standpoint, to install a 12 power conditioner to protect a laser printer that costs less than the power conditioner. In these instances, Spectrum Power Solutions suggests the installation of an opto-isolator on the data cable that connects the unprotected peripheral to the rest of the system. Opto-isolators, or opto-couplers, are made up of a light emitting device, and a light sensitive device, all wrapped up in one package, but with no electrical connection between the two, just a beam of light. Opto-isolators effectively break the wire connection between the unprotected peripheral and the rest of the protected system.




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