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POWERVAR’s Medical Rackmount UPM is designed to provide completely conditioned uninterruptible power for rackmounted
electro-medical systems used in “patient vicinity” applications where low leakage current is required. All POWERVAR medical rackmount UPMs reduce connected equipment leakage current to less than 300 μamps. Each UPM contains a high energy surge diverter, noise filter, low impedance isolation transformer, and a low distortion sinewave inverter. Your critical healthcare system receives continuous clean power even when the lights go out. Features include:
5 models from 420 VA to 1440 VA for North American and international applications.
Fits in standard 19” rack and uses 3U of vertical rack space.
Reduces connected equipment leakage current to
less than 300 μamps.
Full front panel LED indicators.
USB and RS232 connectivity.
Optional Communications Manager software package available.
User hot-swappable battery.
Low distortion sinewave inverter.
Let-through voltage is <10 volts normal mode and <.5 volts neutral to ground.
Automatically adjusts for input line voltage variations.
6 minutes runtime at full load (20 minutes at half load).
FCC Class A (optional Class B available for 420-1440 VA).
RoHS compliant and meets NEMA, FAA and DOT
transportation guidelines.
UL and cUL listed. International models are CE marked.
5 year warranty on electronics/2 year on battery.
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