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Security Plus on-line UPS solutions from POWERVAR provide a firm foundation for your risk management program by ensuring continuous, high quality electrical power for your critical computer based system. Security Plus UPS systems promote energy efficiency and cost savings. These UPS systems are designed to handle high crest factor power supplies and high inrush currents without the need to oversize. The UPS has near unity input power factor and low input current harmonic distortion (THDi). Thanks to a low impedance isolation transformer, high energy surge diverter, and power line noise filter, the Security Plus UPS provides completely conditioned, continuous, on-line power. The true double conversion design means no switchover time to battery when power is lost. Features include:
6 models available from 2 kVA to 6 kVA.
50/60 Hz. Design.
True On-line DoubleConversion Inverter.
High Input Power Factor with Low Input THDi.
Wide Input Frequency and Voltage Window.
100% Generator Compatibility.
6-8 Minute Runtime (depending on model).
Front Accessible Hot-Swappable Battery Packs.
USB and Serial Communications.
Optional Internal SNMP Module.
Rolling Casters and Adjustable Leveling Feet.
Safety Agency Listed.
RoHS Compliant.
3 Year Warranty on Electronics/2 Year on Battery.


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