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The GPI Series 2000 provides clean, noise-free electrical power for three-phase electronic systems used in a range of industries. Whether the application calls for conditioned power for semiconductor fabrication, digital printing presses, or an entire room of equipment, the GPI Series 2000 is the power quality answer. Features include:
19 models from 10 kVA to 300 kVA for North American 60 Hz. and international 50 Hz. electrical environments.
Voltage matching and conditioning in one solution.
Emergency Machine Off (EMO) function, safety interlocks, lockout/tagout circuit breaker, and casters are standard
on all models.
Available options (depending on model) include input line cords and output receptacles, distribution panels, external EMO connector, basic power metering, phase loss/low voltage
detection and protection, power management package.
Let-through voltage is <10 volts normal mode and <.5 volts neutral to ground.
Optional SEMI S2 compliant models for
semiconductor installations.
Five year parts and labor warranty.


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